29.09.2012 – Exhibition – Si può fare 2012 (English)

The exhibition of the group “Photographers and Drawers from Montalto di Castro”, during the Si può fare 2012 (We can do it 2012), seemed doomed to a fast death since the beginning.

That day the weather was terrible, with various downpour during the day, and a wind so strong that it lifted the ground fixed plastic gazebos and drop them down up bottom up.

Still, with an impulse of heart, despite the shaders that was our supports tried more and more to fall even if they was made heavier by concrete blocks fixed on the foot of the metal grid they was wrapped around, we displayed.

The exhibitor was myself, Paola Cognigni, Leonardo Poscia, Daniele Bianciardi, Raffaele Bergantin, Giuseppe Cosseddu and Matteo Napoli, all of them important members of the photographic group from Montalto.

Here you can see how our expositive spaces was. What seemed simply on the paper, that is fixing the works on the shader using metal wires, practically became soon a kind of Tetris game with the fate.
Anyway, finally we achieved to fix the works better than we thought in the beginning, only little problems of balance made some of the heavier works oscillate or incline.
Too bad the wind, blowing from the back, roll some of the lighter works.

Paola Cognigni, as every good photographer, came to an hour where she didn’t resist anymore and started shot everything moved, breathed, stayed… everything.

Daniele posing as Jesus Buddy. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch Dogma movie.

You can think the subject of this photo is Paola, in reality this is the only photo where you can see Leonardo. He’s the boy in the background with checked shorts.

An impulse of brotherhood love from Federica to Daniele. I think he’s not used to them.

Paola with a Camera. Yes, it is a camera.